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We provide key replacements for both domestic and international vehicles, and nearly all makers, including:

We provide key replacements for both domestic and international vehicles, and nearly all makers, including:

• Toyota
• Audi
• Jeep
• Ford
• Honda
• Buick
• Nissan
• Infiniti

• Kia
• Lincoln
• Genesis
• Cadillac
• Jaguar
• GM
• Dodge

• Volkswagen
• Mercedes
• Maserati
• Bentley

• Subaru
• Suzuki
• Pontiac
• Lexus

• Scion
• Hummer
• Isuzu
• Mazda
• Mitsubishi
• Infinity
• Hyundai

• Suzuki
• Subaru
• Chrysler
• Porsche
• Lamborghini
• Fiat
• Mini
• Land Rover
• Volvo
• & many more!

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What are the Benefits of Having a Spare Car Key?

Anyone who has experienced the angst and frustration that comes with getting locked out of your car knows just how important having a spare car key is. Now if you haven’t had this awful experience, you can save yourself the trouble by checking out car key duplication Boca Raton Florida companies have. And while having a car key duplicated is not the only solution to car lockouts, safe to say they are your safest bet to getting back into your vehicle and getting back out on the road.

You might be saying: “Well, that’s never going to happen to me.” However, the fact of the matter is it can happen to the best of us. For one, your mind just might be somewhere else and you end up forgetting your keys inside the car or maybe you’re just having a bad day. Either way, having a spare key is crucial for every vehicle owner as it gives a solid, inexpensive option compared to other, more costly alternatives.

Think about it for a second. If you do lock yourself out of your car, aside from opening the car with the use of a spare key, the other options include breaking your way in — which might cause damage to your vehicle — or call in a locksmith for assistance. Whichever option you choose, you will certainly incur some cost.

And so, it is always best to have a spare car key with you at all times, even though you are confident that you will not need it. As the saying goes, “it is better to have something and not need it rather than need something and not have it.” If you still need further convincing, let me break down some of the very best reasons why you need a spare car key:

1) Spare keys will spare you more cost

If you do end up getting locked out of your car, the option of calling a locksmith is not as cheap as it may sound. The cost might depend on your location and the entire bill just may end up being more expensive than the cost of having a spare car key made. However, in these cases, the price you pay for getting locked out of your car is not just monetary. Rather, it is the time that will be wasted waiting for the locksmith to arrive, better time served to be at work, running errands or being with your loved ones.

Situations like these though can be easily avoided if you have a spare car key. Also, you should keep your spare car key in a place or with someone that is easily accessible. Some people store their spare car key either at home, at the office or with a trusted friend.

2) Spare keys can help avoid damaging your car

Lest you think car keys are indestructible, they are not. Just like anything that you use on an everyday basis, car keys are susceptible to damage and wear down over time. The most finely crafted keys may be able to last a long time but they still aren’t impervious to damage depending on the habits of its owners.

Having a spare car key around will help reduce the damage that your original key will suffer, simply because you can just alternate using either one. This means that neither key will end up getting overused, leaving them prone to damage from the elements.

You must also make sure to practice proper key maintenance. Without it, having a spare car key will not matter, as the daily use will just hasten the wear and tear that the original and the spare will suffer.

3) Having a spare car key will prevent car lockouts from happening

If you have not experienced locking yourself out of your car, we pray that you never get to go through this situation. It is frustrating, infuriating and of course, dangerous, especially if it happens when you are in the middle of nowhere. Getting locked out of your car is far different from say, getting locked out of your house. When it comes to the latter, you can find solace that you are at least outside of your house. But being locked out of your car is a frightening experience especially when it happens in an area foreign to you.

There is no telling when you might lock yourself out of your car, and the unpredictability just makes having a spare car key even more important and crucial. If you do not have a spare car key on you at all times, then the next best thing is to call a 24-hour locksmith and that might not be a very cheap experience.

4) Spare car keys allow you to retain your custom settings

The advancements of car technology have allowed vehicles of all types to become more intuitive, giving drivers the power to truly customize the driving experience. Car keys that have these capabilities let drivers establish settings that pertain to music volume control, maximum car speed, air conditioning settings and a wide variety of other things. Having a spare car key lets you retain your settings, which would not be possible if you and other family members shared just one key.

This feature is especially nifty for parents that want to make sure that their children are driving safely. For example, if they want to ensure that loud music is not distracting their children while driving, they can set the volume to a specific level. The same thing can be done with speed and other options as well.

And so, if you are looking for car key duplication West Palm Beach Florida companies offer, you don’t have to look any further than Palm Beach Car Keys, which is a trusted locksmith company that specializes in replacing car keys, programming chip keys and automotive locks, just to name a few of their services.